Sunday, September 23, 2012

5 Different coverages of Car Insurance

Life is full of accidents, some that are your fault and some that are not. Even getting behind the wheel of a car means that there is a chance you might be in a car accident. With a car accident, expenses such as medical costs, repairs and legal issue may arise. If these expenses are more than one can afford at one time, that is where car insurance comes into play. However one might not realize that there are several different types of car insurance and deciding on what kind and how much of each can be confusing. Here is a summary of the five different types of car insurance commonly offered by most insurance companies that you should know about before getting free auto insurance quotes.

1. Liability insurance
Most states have laws that require drivers to carry at least some type of insurance if their vehicles are going to be driven on public roads. Liability is usually the minimum requirement and covers any property damage, medical bills or cars damaged in the accident should the policy determine the accident was caused by you. Depending on the type of car, how old it's, and the record of a driver, it maybe beneficial to increase liability coverage. After the insurance provider covers your upper limit, you are responsible for any claims above and beyond that amount.

2. Collision coverage
Should you be in an accident, collision insurance will cover the cost to repair your own car. If you are in an accident where the car is completely totaled, your provider will cover the cost of your car equal to the amount that the car is worth. So if you have an older vehicle that you could possibly replace yourself, you may end up saving money on coverage that you didn't really need in the first place. However if your car is newer or in the more expensive range, collision insurance is probably a sound choice in order to prevent replacement of the vehicle after a major accident.

3. Comprehensive insurance
What happens if your vehicle is damaged by something other than an accident with another car? Sometimes the weather can cause damage your car with hail or a fallen tree, or if someone breaks into your car and steals valuable items. A comprehensive insurance policy can cover just about any issue that can arise in regards to your vehicle. Make sure to check for discounts on your policy if your vehicle has features such as anti-theft and tracking devices because coverage can be expensive, but worthwhile, if you could not easily replace your car if necessary.

4. Personal injury protection
If you have even been to the doctor or the hospital, you know that medical costs are only going up and medical expenses associated with even a minor car accident can be very pricey. Personal injury protection will ensure that medical bills of the driver and passengers in the car during an accident can be covered under this policy, however, if you have a good health insurance policy, check to make sure what provisions are under that policy first.

5. Uninsured motorist protection
Despite laws for drivers to carry car insurance, there are still drivers who get on the road without coverage. If you have uninsured motorist protection coverage and are in an accident that isn't your fault with someone who doesn't have car insurance or with someone who has such low liability coverage that they aren't able to cover all the damages, this coverage can help cover the expenses if the person at fault can't pay for damages.

Just because you are taking a chance by driving on the road, don't take a chance with your car insurance and being covered if you were even in an accident. Knowing what your car insurance policy covers is the most important step. Then find out how much each of these areas covers. If you ever have any questions, turn to your insurance agent. After all, that is what they are there for. by Amy Walters, Taken From IT

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