Sunday, October 14, 2012

Car Insurance (Carefully)

Car insurance is necessary expense for anyone who owns and drives a vehicle. Insurance is the provision for you, the car owner and will protect you and your property in the case of a catastrophic event. However, car insurance only covers certain things and may be different for each insurance company and in every state. For example: If someone has liability insurance, which only protects the property of the other car in an accident, then you may not be able to get your car replaced if there is a flood, even though you had insurance. Again this may depend on the insurance type. While not all states require at liability or full coverage car insurance. most do require liability And even when it's not required, it's always a good idea to have either liability or full coverage, as statistically speaking, most people will be in some form of traffic accident in their lives. Not only can it protect your property, but insurance can help cover any medical expenses accrued during an accident and may even help protect any personal property, such as a laptop that was in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

There are also rental car insurance polices, and insurance for those who are leasing a vehicle. To further complicate matters, you can also have a separate insurance on the vehicle if it's a company vehicle, in which case, it may or may not fall under the responsibility of your employer to cover you while driving a company owned car. There are many stipulations and regulations for each state and sometimes for each country. It's advisable to find an insurance company that specializes in car insurance, in order to make sure that you have the coverage that you need. Before you sign any documents for car insurance, always read the documents from top to bottom and carefully take note of anything that isn't clear or that you don't agree with. Never sign any insurance agreements until you are comfortable with the information. It's only too late to change your mind when your signature is on that piece of paper. Until then, ask all of your questions write down that answer think it over before you decide. That way, you know that you will be informed and will have made an educated decision for your insurance needs. more info

A Guide To Car Insurance Saving

You are paying too much on car insurance. How can i say that? Simple, most people can't be bothered to research short term insurance companies. There is no reason in today's technological age for anyone to pay too much for insurance. The Internet is a fantastic tool that's available to most people and it makes researching our choices as easy as one, two or three! So why don't we? If we all realize that the Internet can force insurance companies to be more competitive, they will do just that. They will have to offer more comprehensive packages and at lower rates. Please keep in mind the following list when assessing your car insurance policy that may save you quite a lot of money at the end of the day.

There are 5 main ways to lower your insurance premiums, they are:

1. Keep your driver's record clean
2. Research all the discounts you qualify for and claim them
3. Don't drive with high risk, vehicles and make sure you equip your car with safety devices that will lower monthly premium
4. Adjust your coverage to carry more risk. Take a higher excesses
5. Shop around for a good, low cost insurance provider

There are a number of discounts you may qualify for

1. Safety devices and assuming more risk
Fit your vehicle with a tracking device (if you can afford it), an alarm, gear lock and as many different safety devices as you possibly can. This will more than likely lower your monthly premium considerably. Also, most insurance companies have deals worked out with vehicle tracking companies that will offer you a lower monthly subscription.

2. Combined insurance and renewal rates
Try and insurer all your home contents and cars on the same policy. This will most likely save you a significant chunk of cash every month. Also, ask for a discount after a few years of claim free insurance, as you will be a loyal customer. They probably won't want to lose you as a customer and will lower your premiums.

3. Occupations that are lower risk
Sounds silly, but over the years insurers have created a risk profile of prospective clients based on their occupation. Architects and engineers, for instance, are less likely to get into accidents than for instance. more info

Commercial Fleet Auto Insurance Tips

Get the insurance tips for operating a safe fleet you need to ensure your business's vehicle fleet is insured properly and you are getting the cheapest insurance rates possible. When small businesses first get underway, it's common to have one or two vehicles as the primary methods of transportation for the company. And while this way work in the short term, transportation requirements can change dramatically as a businesses grows. Ones a business is operating five or more commercial vehicles, that business is also managing a fleet. "When business owners become fleet managers too, they need to review their commercial auto insurance policies to ensure they are properly covered and getting a good rate," says Paul Lucarelli, fleet director at RSA Canada. "At the same time, take advantage of the risk management advice an experienced fleet broker and insurer can provide to help prevent accidents and contribute to the overall success of business." According to transport Canada, approximately 75 per cent of crashes result from driver error. The following tips from RSA Canada will start small business owners on the right path towards operating a safe fleet and ensuring they have right fleet insurance coverage in place:

1. Assess your needs
How large is your company? How often are your vehicles on the road? Determining these answers will allow you to choose the best coverage for your business.

2. Research
There are a number of options and plans available for commercial fleet insurance. Know the playing field before committing on the dotted line.

3. What type of vehicles are you insurance?
Are they all going to be used for the same purposes? If not, you may be able to have a varied plan that allows you to save money

4. Invest in driver training
Make sure you are promoting a culture of safety in your organization. Well trained drivers mean lower insurance rates and fewer accidents that means fewer claims.

5. Manage the maintenance of your fleet
This will result in a better performing fleet, reduce your potential for down time, and decrease your insurance rates

6. Work with an experienced fleet broker and insurer 
Take advantage of their loss control expertise. Loss control officers can help you identify areas for improvement, save you money and help you prevent accidents.

Managing tour fleet properly and ensuring you have the right insurance coverage can help prevent accidents, reduce the potential for down time and contribute to the long term success of your business. Take advantage of the risk management  advice an experienced fleet broker and insurer can provide. more info

Car Insurance Companies

The fact of the matter is that the best car insurance companies may or may not be the ones that are right under your nose. The best car insurance company for one person may not be the best car insurance company for another person. In order to locate the best car insurance company for you it's important to know what you need as well as what you don't need. For example: If you have an older car that has high mileage you don't need to have full coverage auto insurance. Instead, you will most likely want to look at coverage that is a lot less.

Who are the most popular ?

As you could imagine, your most popular car insurance companies are going to be the ones that you hear about the most. You can hardly turn your TV on these days without seeing an ad from car insurance company. The thing to remember is that even though there are so many popular these are also order companies that provide just as good of service. Just because you don't see a commercial on TV for a company doesn't mean that they cannot be ones of the better car insurance companies. In fact, most people prefer to work with smaller insurance companies because they feel that they get a little bit extra in the way of a personal tough. One of the best way to determine if one of the popular car insurance companies is best for you is to ask them questions about how satisfied they are with the company in general. If you find a few people that are satisfied with the same company then there is a nice chance that they are one of the better ones out there.

Cost is a consideration

If you are going to be on the lookout for the best car insurance company then you are going to have to consider what the cost is going to be. Flat out, the cost of a policy will dictate whether or not it's good for you or not. Think about it like this the best car insurance company out there can afford to offer you a good deal if you are a good driver. If you are working with a company that just can't compete in terms of price then you may want to think about using another company. The best way to get information on price is to ask the different insurance companies that you want to use for price quote. Doing this will give you solid information in your hand in regard to exactly what they can do for you. As you know, the best company that is most reputable will be able to quote you nice price for your policy. If you get a few quotes and one or two of them come back much higher than some of the others then you know which companies will be best for you to work with in terms of price.

Customer service matters

If you are ever in a situation where you need to use your car insurance then you should realize that customer service will matter in this situation. You are in an accident early one morning on your way to work. Your car has some serious damage and you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. However, you can't get hold of your car insurance agent to get the answers to the question that you have. On other that, none else seems to be able to help you. If you are ever in a situation like this then you would realize how painful this can be. You want to be working with car insurance agent that will be there when you need them. In order to figure out whom the best in terms of customer service you can ask some nice tough questions. Don't be afraid to ask them if someone will always be around to answer your questions no matter what the time of day is. If you are satisfied with the answer that they gave you then you can move forward with that company. If you have heard bad stories about customer service from certain company or agent then you may want to steer clear of them. The bottom line is that if others can't trust them then you should not wither. Your goal should be to work with an insurance agency that will fit your exact needs and be there for you when you need their help the most. more info