Sunday, October 14, 2012

Car Insurance (Carefully)

Car insurance is necessary expense for anyone who owns and drives a vehicle. Insurance is the provision for you, the car owner and will protect you and your property in the case of a catastrophic event. However, car insurance only covers certain things and may be different for each insurance company and in every state. For example: If someone has liability insurance, which only protects the property of the other car in an accident, then you may not be able to get your car replaced if there is a flood, even though you had insurance. Again this may depend on the insurance type. While not all states require at liability or full coverage car insurance. most do require liability And even when it's not required, it's always a good idea to have either liability or full coverage, as statistically speaking, most people will be in some form of traffic accident in their lives. Not only can it protect your property, but insurance can help cover any medical expenses accrued during an accident and may even help protect any personal property, such as a laptop that was in the vehicle at the time of the accident.

There are also rental car insurance polices, and insurance for those who are leasing a vehicle. To further complicate matters, you can also have a separate insurance on the vehicle if it's a company vehicle, in which case, it may or may not fall under the responsibility of your employer to cover you while driving a company owned car. There are many stipulations and regulations for each state and sometimes for each country. It's advisable to find an insurance company that specializes in car insurance, in order to make sure that you have the coverage that you need. Before you sign any documents for car insurance, always read the documents from top to bottom and carefully take note of anything that isn't clear or that you don't agree with. Never sign any insurance agreements until you are comfortable with the information. It's only too late to change your mind when your signature is on that piece of paper. Until then, ask all of your questions write down that answer think it over before you decide. That way, you know that you will be informed and will have made an educated decision for your insurance needs. more info

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